The antioxidant effect of Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals acts upon the mitochondria, which are the “power houses” of the cells in our body.

It helps reduces enzymes that are involved in the production of free radicals. A build up of free radicals can cause cellular damage and lead to poor cellular function.

Keeping free radical levels low with Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals supports your mitochondrial function. This leads to incredible increase in energy throughout your whole day.


Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals deliver a potent anti-inflammatory effect by reducing something known as cytokine expression.

Cytokines are substances which are created by our immune system to help regulate inflammation.

Controlling cytokine levels can help ease the painful symptoms associated with arthritis.

​In fact, numerous clinical trials have suggested that Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals is effective in reducing pain, pain intensity, and swelling for individuals with arthritis.


Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals help your body make keratin, a type of protein that makes up your skin.

Supporting keratin production is the key to softer, healthier and younger looking skin.

In one study, skin appearance and condition after using Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals significantly improved as assessed by an expert, instrumental analysis, and participant self-assessment.